Tania Gough – My Background

My story is similar to many beauty therapists that choose to learn skills and become qualified professional experts. Since I was 8 years old, I’ve always wanted to be a beauty therapist. 

Once qualified, I worked in 2 London salons before starting my own business at the grand old age of 20. Once I’d built up a clientele, I open my first salon. It was a hair and beauty salon, with 2 sunbed rooms, 3 beauty rooms and room for 3 hairdressers.  

I kept this running for 5 years before deciding that I’d like to try something new, but within the same industry.  

I started working for a skincare and cosmetic company based in Essex, where I was mainly sales based, but that is where my love of training was created too. I left this employment to have my first child. 

Once my children were at school, like many professional therapists I worked my business around my family and built up a lovely mobile clientele before renting another room near to home.  

My aspirations led me to start a beauty training school. This is where you find me now, 5 years on with 6 tutors, an office manager and over 500 qualified students.

How The Image Directory started

After 2020, I knew I needed to find another avenue to move my business forward – I wanted to future-proof my future! 

I totally adore the beauty industry and everything it stands for, but like other industries, there are things that let this industry down… one of these is ‘regulations’. Being a beauty educator, I know how important it is to instil good professional standards in my students. There are industry standards, but nobody seems to govern them and this lets the whole industry down in my opinion. 

I realised that I wanted to make a difference, the truth is I couldn’t regulate the whole industry by myself. However, I decided that creating a trusted, recommended and professional platform to find a highly qualified and experienced beauty professional would be a start.  

As the beauty industry goes hand in hand with hairdressing, aesthetics, holistic and fitness businesses, it seemed a natural thing to incorporate all of these IMAGE based companies together and from here the The Image Directory was born. 

The Image Directory is the place to find a recommended, vetted, qualified and experienced professional within the Image industry. 

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