By Cherie Bennett, Natural Definitions

I love what I do and I am always looking to add treatments and upskill to ensure that I give the best outcome to my clients. I recently embarked on a course for advanced permanent eyeliner training, where I upskilled to the latest eyeliner technique with Nadia from Beauté Elite Permanent Makeup.

This latest training I received teaches you a new gentle technique which ensures maximum colour retention,  with minimum trauma to the skin or swelling.  Of course this is great for anyone, but especially perfect if you’re a mature lady who loves eyeliner.

Top Tip

After an eyeliner treatment you will be advised not to put anything on the treated area during the initial healing period of a week, which includes using mascara.

If you’re very fair and the thought of not being able to wear mascara leaves you feeling panic stricken.

There’s no need to worry.

There are other options that we can use to get around this issue.

We can either tint the eyelashes prior to the treatment so the lashes will look dark during the period you can’t wear mascara.

Alternatively, or in addition to tinting the lashes, you might also want to consider Henna Brows.

These last 6-8 weeks and will give more definition to your eye area during the healing period.

This is shown in the photo above.

Close up of permanent upper eyeliner. 

Photos are immediately after the first treatment, which will heal to a soft subtle liner during the healing period.

This eyeliner request was for  thicker more defined liner. 

Photos show the liner immediately after the first treatment. 

This will be enhanced further at the top up appointment in 6 weeks time.

If you are thinking about having permanent eyeliner or would just like to find out some more about it.

Please call or message me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 😊💝

Kindest, Cherie | Natural Definitions