by Katie Chittenden, Katiesstyle

A capsule wardrobe sounds like a minimalist approach to your wardrobe but fear not if you are creative or dramatic. Understanding a capsule wardrobe will help you understand your wardrobe better and help guide you to shopping more sustainably. It will take away pressure or anxiety in what to wear when and make my life easier and quicker when getting ready for the day.

Just 12 items could create 24 outfits. 

You can decide how many pieces you use to create a capsule wardrobe but before you start you need to know your body shape and colours. A capsule wardrobe is a set amount of tops v’s bottoms and dresses in order to create many looks. All the colours will work with each other and all the items will flatter your figure. 

We use capsule wardrobes for a couple of reasons. For those wanting a more sustainable wardrobe, understanding how to live with a capsule wardrobe will limit your shopping and increase your wear per item. For people who need help packing for a holiday or work trip it helps you pack confidently without over packing.

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