Is working out from home going to remain so popular .. or will the buzz of being in the gym or working out in the great outdoors see an online decline…?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the constant concern of another lockdown, our everyday lives have drastically changed. One area being our access to fitness and better lifestyle choices. With gyms being closed for so long, many of us were left wondering how to get our fitness fix when our favourite Spin or Hit class is no longer an option.

While others who have never wanted to attend a gym started to take more of an interest. Searches for online fitness have soared, with people wondering just what they should do to keep their fitness levels high and to start their fitness journey during these unpredictable times.

The perfect solution for many was an at-home workout plan as the fitness instructors successfully went online and did all they could to keep their businesses going.

This was not for everyone of course, but people that wouldn’t normally feel comfortable attending a gym realised that online workouts at home were efficient, effective and exciting and suited them better.  Even regular gym visitors were able to get a similar fix as they would do heading out to a spin class. More and more people started joining online and are still taking to the mat, bike, or weights at home rather than attending the gym, and there are plenty of reasons why.

So many of us are now permanently working from home, so an online class is perfect as it can be streamed before work starts, during your lunch break or once you have logged off for the day.

Some are not comfortable visiting a gym, so what could be better than working out in the comfort of your own home, where you feel less conscious?

Getting to grips with technology to join a class online was not always the most straightforward for some at the beginning…… so clients regular use of apps was definitely a plus for the instructor taking the class whilst introducing more ways for the client to communicate with others during lockdown.

With the pandemic still hanging around, getting used to a virtual fitness regime is a good thing for body and mind that is for sure, and with more access on offer, the next step is working out exactly what the best option might be for you.

Online, in a gym or a mixture of the two…. One thing the pandemic has bought out is better accessibility to fitness for all and it seems we are really embracing it!

Always seek advice from a fitness trainer and local gyms as to what would work best for you.