‘I’m in two minds’ – A phrase we have all heard or used. A phrase that couldn’t be closer to the truth.

I am Cassie, a fully qualified and accredited control therapist. The control isn’t my control, it is yours. I teach you to be able to help take control over your two minds and help them work as one to eliminate self-doubt or any issues with internal battles that are reducing your mental health or day to day life.

Want to quit smoking? Reduce your anxiety? Need help sleeping? Improve your mental wellbeing? I can help with these. I say I can help; I can help you, help yourself.

For control therapy you need to be as open minded as possible and to be comfortable with your therapist, that’s where I come in. My job is not to judge and most importantly to me, not drag up demons from your past. This isn’t about revisiting distressing moments, past issues or me offering advice of what you need to do outside of our sessions. We are there to move you forward, without needing to look over your shoulder. Honesty with what help you need is the only information I require.

So how does it work? Think of your brain as two parts: Your conscious and your unconscious. You want to pick a pen up, you consciously think about this and you do it. Whilst you’ve been picking that pen up, you’ve blinked twice and taken a breath. Remember that? No, because your unconscious mind has taken care of that for you. It’s looking after you every day, hour, minute, second BUT it can also be causing you mental unbalancing. Your conscious thoughts rejection comes from this, your anxiety manifests here, that craving, yep you’ve guessed it, that pesky unconscious mind!!

So let’s look deeper. Think of your unconscious mind as a ship, sailing around in your head. On your ship is the Captain and their crew. The Captain, that’s you! Put on your imaginary hat, you’re now the boss! Your crew members all have a job, some of them more than one job. For the boat analogy, the crew could oversee all sorts of jobs aboard and all the time they are working together we have a harmonious ship, everyone is happy! But uh oh! A few are doing out dated jobs and now the boat is in anarchy, the ship needs it’s captain to take charge! You’re up!

My job is to give the crew their appraisal and find out who is causing the issues and find out why they are doing this job or being a little rebellious. While your conscious mind is relaxing, I am talking to your unconscious mind and your crew members to get everyone back on track over 3 sessions.

Don’t think it works? I have had huge success with anxiety sufferers, smokers (now non-smokers) and those who just need to clean their head to allow them to sleep! I’ve turned non-believers into believers. My partner didn’t believe, he does now. He sees his crew members as Minions, what about you? I even regularly give myself check-in sessions! What stops you just attending a FREE non obligation consultation?

I also work with children. Anyone knows the pressure on children’s mental health, especially over the last year or two! Seeing the change over a few sessions and hearing feedback from parents about their child’s new approach to life makes the process so worthwhile from all parties.

The most important message from control therapy which I will repeat is YOU ARE IN CHARGE. I cannot do anything you do not want to happen. We do not use trance, you won’t be doing chicken impressions; don’t believe everything you see on the TV! You will hear me, be conscious of me and are always in charge, but we can turn down your conscious levels to get to that ship in the ocean of your mind and get those crew members back to doing what they do best. Once that happens, you’ll have all the tools you need to work on yourself and wonder why you waited! Don’t struggle alone, let’s get that Captain’s hat on your head!