One of the reasons The Image Directory was created was the lack of enforced regulation behind the beauty industry. Customers put their trust in their beauty therapists and expect them to be qualified professionals. 

The beauty industry is a complex one now with so many new treatments that range right up to aesthetics and some of these treatments are permanent or semi-permanent. There has been a rise in part qualified or hardly qualified people offering treatments such as nails, chemical peels, fillers, lashes and brows and if any of these treatments go wrong the consequences for the client are more than just disappointment. It means they will need to pay for a fix too at a bare minimum.

If you are a customer looking for a salon we have created this service for you. When booking with one of our members you can rest assured there have been a number of checks done on the business and the therapists to ensure their qualifications, licenses and certifications are in place. This includes a visit to the salon so we can verify the standards in place.

If you are going to a salon that is not on our database yet, there are things you could look out for. Firstly, is the salon clean and tidy; are there any certifications for staff on show; does the salon have good online reviews and are there examples of their work to see.

These may sound like common sense but some therapists themselves have experienced having to deal with a client that has had a poor job done elsewhere. Quite often cost is a deciding factor. If something is cheap it doesn’t mean you will be getting a quality service.

To avoid a beauty treatment going wrong do your research. Whether that is online with us or asking friends and family for recommendations over choosing a service from an online group or selling page. Ask all the questions you need to about your treatment, some of the more complex ones will have prep and aftercare to adhere to. Any qualified experienced therapist will be able to answer all of your questions. You wouldn’t entrust your car to an unqualified technician so why take chances with yourself.