After 27 years within the beauty industry, an industry I love, I have worked after qualifying in several London salons, started my own salon, worked with private clients and enjoyed the flexibility this offered myself and my growing family.

One thing that was always important to me were standards and education so I moved from a sales position within the beauty industry to set up a training school. It has been 5 years since I set up a training school where over 500 students have taken courses. We now have 6 tutors expanding the knowledge base of students wanting to come into the industry.

Still wanting to raise standards within this largely unregulated industry The Image Directory was born out of the idea of creating a Check-a-Trade style site for the hair, beauty, fitness and aesthetics industries.

It is important that therapists within this remit have the right qualifications, standards, licenses and insurance. Some of the therapies clients class as commonplace now need to be done by someone with the right skills and knowledge. Members of The Image Directory will be checked against a stringent checklist and salons visited, virtually or in person, where necessary. This will happen yearly to ensure any new therapists and skills are captured.

We want a safe, happy and excited outcome for every one that has a treatment and by the same token I want to help those businesses that are doing things properly to build their business encouraging growth and development.